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„Gegenbilder“—counter-images—are works on the borderline between photography and painting: pictures that seem like paintings but nevertheless are pure photography.

Unedited – still nothing is as it seems.

My subject is seeing: By unveiling the hidden aesthetics of the ordinary, my work opens new perceptions of the supposedly familiar.

We are surrounded by art –
we just have to notice it.

My materials are the raw material of seeing: light, time, surfaces. Even though I am capturing them with the camera – and only the camera – my images are eventually created in the mind of the viewer. His experience, his imagination, his perception and connotations form the final image.

My works bear many truths:
mine as well as the beholders'.

The group of works „Gegenbilder“ comprises eight series with image size starting from 60 x 80 cm in editions of three to eight.

Each image is numbered, signed and certified.

Again and again I am fascinated by faces. I find them in inconspicuous surfaces   ...

...  and when I'm photographing faces - the other side of my work - I'm finding the character behind the surface. To get a first impression of my series "Köpfe. | Heads." please click on the images below:

(If you like, here you'll find more Köpfe. | Heads. )

A website depicts neither the high-quality materials nor the fine finishes of my works. Therefore: Experience the originals – come see my exhibitions and please feel free to visit my studio!
(Whereto may I send your invitations ?)

I'm looking forward to meeting you!
Till Eitel

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